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KASK Protone Road Helmet

KASK Protone Road Helmet click to zoom image
KASK Protone Road Helmet click to zoom image
KASK Protone Road Helmet click to zoom image
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Aerodynamic performance, low weight, maximum ventilation, amazing looks.

The Kask Protone weighs just 230g and uses a 3D Dry padding with a multi-layer open cell construction process to give a lighter, more comfortable helmet.

The helmet is incredibly aerodynamic and well ventilated. Wind-tunnel tested for an impressive CX rate, the Protone directs air flow perfectly in line from the helmet no matter the position of the rider's head.

Multi In-Moulding Technology polycarbonate cover for the top, base ring and back of the helmet shell give a stronger, harder-wearing outer and improved shock absorption. The strengthening frame inside the polysterene further reduces the chance of the shell being broken apart in the event of a crash.

Features include:
- Octo Fit:
Rubberised Micro Dial adjuster provides improved finger grip.
Floating cradle contact points combine internal gel pads for optimum comfort. These supports are designed to oscillate freely through 180 degrees allowing a perfect fit on any shaped head. The Skeletal Brackets of the cradle have been designed and refined to provide the best fit and support whilst being as light as possible.
- MIT Technology, applied to all KASK cycling helmets, guarantees a higher safety and a complete protection thanks to the polycarbonate layer that covers the shell on the top, on the base ring and on the back.
- Sanitized textile: inner padding fabric treated with antibacterial and antimicrobial Sanitized process.
- Chin pad with anallergic and washable eco-leather chinstrap is extremely comfortable and helps to avoid irritation of the skin
- Strengthening frame prevents the helmet breaking apart in the event of a crash
- High visibility stickers for maximum safety even in poor visibility conditions
- 3D Dry tridimensional padding has a multi-layer open cell construction that helps transport heat and sweat away from the head more quickly. Pads are removable and washable.
- Weight: 230g (medium), 250g (large)
- Helmet bag included
- Meets CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203 and AS/NZS 2063 standards

KASK Protone review, Cycling Plus magazine, February 2015 (see here):
"With its high profile appearance on the heads of some Team Sky riders just before the 2014 Tour de France, Kask's Protone immediately became both interesting and desirable. Its very rounded shape looks slippery, with no protruding ridges or peaks, just subtly sculpted curves that flow between the vents. From the front it looks like a conventional road helmet, while the rear resembles a road aero lid, with covered upper section and rounded tail.
Its skull-hugging compact profile is the result of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) design and wind tunnel testing, and it's certainly less bulky than some, though still has a complete Multi In Moulded polycarbonate shell covering the reinforced EPS core.
The diminutive dimensions belie its spaciousness. Our 251g medium fitted well, even with a skull cap, when we'd usually wear large. The Octo Fit retention system offers a huge adjustment range, the occipital pads moving vertically and laterally, and a rotary dial tightens a headband that doesn't foul your glasses. Achieving a perfect fit is simple, and the comfy eco leather chinstrap keeps everything secure.
Internally, the 5mm-thick 3D Dry multilayer open cell padding is antimicrobial treated, and perforated to reduce skin contact, with a CoolMax pad at the front. It all wicks sweat effectively, but even on hot days is superbly ventilated by the phenomenal airflow drawn through the eight forward facing vents; no subtle, compromised waft, but several jets of air channelled evenly across the head to six large exit ports.
The Protone was designed to maintain aerodynamics and airflow in any common riding position, and however you move your head, it remains consistent. We can't verify aero performance, but with many helmets, dipping or turning your head creates an obvious increase in wind noise, whereas the Protone is incredibly quiet and unobtrusive, and just feels fast."

Highs: Fit, ventilation and comfort
Lows: Such quality doesn't come cheap

BikeRadar Verdict:
"If torn between a conventional and aero road lid, this is your answer."
4.5 stars (out of 5)

KASK Protone review,, January 2015 (see here for full review):
"Kask's new Protone helmet, developed in collaboration with Team Sky, is a highly adjustable, cool and comfortable lid, although it comes at a premium price. If Kask's claims are to be believed, it boasts impressive aerodynamics for a well-vented helmet too.
You know how some helmets feel like they perch on top of your head a bit like a flat cap? The Protone is the exact opposite. It feels like it fully encompasses your head, more like a beanie, say, reaching low at both the front and, especially, the back.
Kask's Octo Fit adjustment system is great and very simple to tweak. The arms of the cradle fasten to the inside of the helmet's expanded polystyrene body at your temples and again at the rear where you get a generous amount of height adjustment. There was still plenty of height adjustment available once I had it set right for me and I don't have a particularly large head so I imagine pretty much everyone will be able to get what they need in this respect.
The tightness of the fit is adjusted via a clicky dial at the back and you can alter the sideways position of those occipital pads independently so they sit in the most comfortable place. The overall result is that you can get a secure fit in no time at all.
One other feature that I really like is that the chinstrap isn't simply a continuation of the upper straps - a feature of other Kask helmets. Check out the pictures and you'll see what I mean. The result is that the straps always sit flat and there are no dividers to set underneath your ears.
Speaking of the chinstrap, it's made from eco leather and it's easy to wipe clean when you get it sweaty. I wouldn't say there's a massive advantage over the usual webbing but it looks pretty cool.
The antibacterial and antimicrobial inner padding - removable for washing and replaceable if it wears out - is made from Coolmax and most of it has a honeycomb inner surface. Along with large ventilation holes at the front of the helmet, it helps keep your head feeling cool and well aired.
I took the Protone on a recent trip to the South of France (very nice, thanks for asking) where I did a lot of climbing in high temperatures and I found the venting to be very effective. I didn't get a noticeably hot, sweaty head, or anything close to that, despite relatively little venting towards the rear of the helmet. There's good airflow right across the top of your head that keeps the humidity down.
One of Kask's biggest boasts about the Protone is that it has been designed using computational fluid dynamics software to have one of the lowest drag coefficients of any ventilated helmet - particularly important to the likes of Team Sky, obviously. Kask don't put a figure on their aero claims and we're not in a position to provide one, so you'll have to take their word for it or not, as you see fit.
They also reckon that you can take off your glasses and stow them on the helmet using the vents as anchor points without increasing the drag. I used the helmet with several different types of eyewear and they all sat up there securely.
Our size medium (52-58cm) Protone hit the Scales of Truth at 250g so it's lightweight although you can certainly find lighter if that's important to you. It's available in a whole bunch of different colours.

Highly adjustable, cool and comfortable helmet that claims impressive aerodynamics."
4.5 stars (out of 5)

KASK Protone helmet review, Road Cycling UK, April 2015 (see [url=]here[/url] for full review):
"The Kask Protone is part of the next generation of aerodynamic helmets. Not a time trial helmet by any means but one designed for road riding and racing, and a lid which seeks to offer an aero advantage without compromising on comfort and ventilation. While we can't necessarily comment on the former, beyond Kask's claims, it is both very comfortable and well ventilated.
The Protone has been in the pipeline for a while. It was revealed just before the Tour de France, and appeared on the heads of a number of the Team Sky riders at the race, but only now is it available to the public. In the time since, the Protone has undergone a number of tweaks based on feedback from the team.
...The Protone has something of a split personality. The front of the helmet looks like a normal road lid, with a number of large vents to suck in air, while the top is smooth. Out back there are six exhausts to provide an exit point for the air which has come in through the front of the helmet.
Kask say the Protone has been developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics software and wind tunnel testing, with the thinking that the smooth section confronts the wind when you head in angled on the bike. It's not a full-on aero lid, like the Infinity, but one which seeks to balance some aero advantage with weight, ventilation and comfort, in a similar mould to the excellent Giro Synthe.
Out on the road and the eight front vents have to work fairly hard to suck in sufficient air to vent out of the six large exhaust holes carved smoothly into the back of the lid. It's not exactly blowing a gale through there, but it is well vented and does a good job at keeping your head cool, and I have found myself reaching for the cotton cap in my back pocket more often than not when testing the Protone through the back-end of winter and early spring. As for any aero advantage, we don't have our own wind tunnel here at RCUK (I've been asking for years) but, as a slither of anecdotal evidence (take it as just that), the Protone generates less wind noise around the ears than I normally experience with other, 'non-aero', road lids (handy when chatting on the club run).
When you put the helmet on for the first time the most immediate feature you'll notice is the 'Octo Fit' cradle at the back of your head. It's impressively adjustable and extends far lower on your head than most other manufacturers designs, and wraps around the side of your head a little more. This gives you a noticeable feeling of being encompassed and enveloped by the helmet rather than it being perched on your head. The feeling of security is rather nice, and also removes any joggling of the helmet over rougher terrain. The specific fit of a helmet can be very personal, our heads come in all different shapes and sizes, but I found the Protone to be very comfortable and I remained unaware of its presence on long rides, which is as good as you can ask for.
Continuing the theme, the 'Eco-Leather' strap is exceptionally comfortable. While it's an area where the helmet is giving away a few grams of weight to its competitors (who, more than likely, use the normal webbing for the chin strap), in use it feels worthwhile. It's simple to adjust, with a soft but robust strap, and adds to the overall quality of the helmet package.

All in all, the Kask Protone is a highly-adjustable, secure and well-ventilated helmet, with a number of carefully considered features for riders in search of a lid which offers a claimed aero advantage without compromising on comfort."

KASK Protone helmet review, Peloton magazine, October 2015 (see here):
"We consider the KASK Protone not just the best aero road helmet released in the last few years but the best helmet, bar none. The Protone excels in every category it takes aim at.
Get down in the drops in an aggressive position for some work on the front and it's extremely aero, but sit up to lay down a quick tempo on the climbs and it's designed to vent incredibly well at that angle. KASK has also made it incredibly light, 230grams, which is better than many pure road lids.
When it comes to comfort, KASK has everyone beat. Fit can be adjusted at the temples and rear with an articulated cradle nestled comfortably and snugly against the back of your head, no matter what shape it might be. The Protone is also low volume, giving it a sleek look that never sits too high on the head. The leather chin strap with the buckle under the ear, instead of against the tender skin under your chin, is the icing on the cake."

RCUK 100: The 100 Hottest Road Cycling Products of 2016 (see [url=]here[/url]):
"Team Sky's helmet of choice strikes the perfect balance between aerodynamics and comfort.

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